Nov 14, 2011

One Brown and Two Pretties / Yksi ruskea ja kaksi kaunista

On Thursday night I was in a hurry, running to our student association's sit-down- dinner when I realized that I had forgotten my purse at home. I did have my huge canvas bag where I had stashed pretty much anything anyone might want for preparing herself for a party (as I had to help with the decorations  for the party and I didn't have time to go home in between). BUT I had forgotten to grab anything that one might put some extra change and lipstick in, well, you know what I mean. So, of course I had to go and see if I could find anything at any of the stores nearby. At Aleksi13 (which also happened to be the first place I went to look) I found this adorable brown leather clutch (which is slightly smaller than I usually would like, but oh so cute!), and I just couldn't resist it. And it was 50% off, so it was at a very reasonable price, which is always a huge plus. Worked like a charm at the party too!

Then earlier this weekend I went to visit my parents, who had just came home from their trip to Barcelona. My mother is a GREAT fan of everything Desigual, so it was no wonder that she pretty much emptied all the stores available to her in the city. I was VERY lucky, as she got me not one, but TWO bags in awfully pretty colors! The larger one is more of a handbag/messenger bag type of thing (with both longer and shorter straps) and the smaller is for parties and such, says mother. (The bigger one is this year's collection and the smaller is from last season, I think.) I love it how well my mother knows both my needs and love for all kinds of bags. :D Don't you just love all the details on the bags Desigual is so well known for?

What do you say, what else a girl might need on a bag front? I think I'm pretty well covered for this season.

Torstaina juostessani ainejärjestön sitseille tajusin, että olin unohtanut pikkulaukun kotiin. Voi kauheus! Mihin sitä nyt voi laittaa huulikiillon ja muun tarpeellisen härpäkkeen kun ei ihan perus-kangaskassiakaan viitsi illallispöytään tuoda? Onnkeis apu löytyi ihan yliopiston nurkilta, Aleksi13:sta, josta löytyi ihastuttava (vaikkakin) pieni nahka-laukkunen. Laukkuun mahtui juuri sopivasti kaikki mitä pitikin, ja hintakin oli puolitettu! Mainio löytö mielestäni siis. 
Vanhemmat oli syysreissulla Barcelonassa ja äiti oli tuliaisia ostaessaan varmaan tyhjentänyt paikallisen Desigualin puodin. Itselleni saaliista päätyi kaksi aivan upean mahtavaa laukkua, isompi käsilaukku ja pienempi juhla-olkalaukku. Värit, mallit ja kokokin osui molemmissa aivan nappiin. Näille löytyy varmasti paljon käyttöä!

Ps. I'm really very sorry for the photo-licious post, but I just loved all the details on the bags and couldn't resist! I hope you don't hate me now... / Pakko vielä pahoitella kuvapaljoutta, en vaan kyennyt vastustamaan kaikkia ihania yksityskohtia laukuissa...

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