Nov 16, 2011

MNY - My Nails, Yay!

Last Saturday my friend Iisa and I went around the city center trying to find something nice for her father (as it was Fathers' Day on Sunday). Naturally we had to go and see if we could find anything nice for ourselves too, but since we're both poor university students the money is always an issue... Which is why I was pretty happy to see Maybelline's new make-up brand MNY, which promises everything under 5 euros! The colors are pretty solid but there's a lot to choose from. 

I decided on these two nail polishes, a pale pink French Manicure type of varnish, and a "drying effect" top coat (since my last one seems to have mysteriously disappeared). I probably should have cleaned my old nail polish away better, since now you can see weird dark teal remains here and there, I'm really sorry about that! I put two coats of the pink one and one thicker coat of the top coat and I really like the result. If I had wanted to be extra careful I could have put an extra layer of both, but I really was too lazy for that. I think the end result looks pretty anyway. 

Pink: MNY My Varnish 251
Top Coat: MNY My Varnish Drying Effect Top Coat 906A

Because it's a brand that promises things cheap, I really wanted to try something and see how the quality would hold up compared to others. And I was really very happily surprised! Even though I washed the dishes and cleaned up things the following day, the nails still stayed pretty. Now after about  five days or so you start to see wear and tear around the edges, but that's what you can expect with my poor nails anyway. The polish was pretty easy to put on too, which is always a huge plus. All in all, the price-quality ratio is a very good one with these polishes, I think. Now I really would like to try the other stuff too!

Here at the website you can try out different looks with different "muses", though I wouldn't have minded getting more information about the items on the website. 

Kävin viikonloppuna isäinpäiväostoksilla kaverin kanssa, ja päädyimme myös ostamaan pienet lahjat itsellemmekin. Huomasin jo aiemmin Maybellineltä ilmestyneen uuden meikkisarjan MNY, joka lupaa kaikki tuotteet alle 5 eurolla, lisäksi värejä ja valikoimaa oli enemmän kuin tarpeeksi. Pitihän sitä kokeilla, miten laadukasta kamaa saa näin kohtuullisella hinnalla! Vaaleanpunaista on kaksi kerrosta ja kuivattavaa päällyslakkaa yksi. Enemmänkin voisi olla, mutta kaiken kaikkiaan olen kovin tyytyväinen. Lakka oli helppo levittää ja on pysynyt kynsissä yllättävän siistinä viikonlopun tiskaus- ja siivoussessioista huolimatta. Nyt tekee mieli kokeilla muitakin sarjan tuotteita! 

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