Oct 23, 2011

An Island That Wants to Be Your Friend

I was going through my blog reader list trying to catch up with everything that has happened to people lately, when I followed a link and that followed to another place and we all know that's how you find yourself trying to find some Really Weird Stuff on Wikipedia or something.


I stumbled across this blog (and its siblings of the same project) originally a social media project but I think it's actually something more. This is what "they" said at the website:
All of this is a part of Iceland Wants to Be Your Friend, an independent a social media project, orginally created at the initiative of the Icelandic Tourist Board, by Takk Takk (that’s us) using nice people and fancy machines.

The FB description goes like this:
I am a little island in the middle of the ocean. I'm full of mountains and glaciers and hot water and sheep. And nice Icelandic people, who like to make music, and who are sometimes cold.

The Tumblr gladdened my day immensely, at least, so I hope there's at least one reader out there who likes Iceland as much as I do and want to be friends with it too.

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