Oct 13, 2011

Fish soup and Fazer

I've spent the past few days mostly with my lovely two-year-old niece Elle (that's what we call her anyway). I can't help but wonder at the imagination and enthusiasm such a little girl can generate in her play and in everyone around her. We just all love her to bits and pieces.

Yesterday, my sister brought my niece to my parents' for a visit and she also made some fish soup for us all. I don't usually eat much fish, but when there's a two-year-old exclaiming how much she likes "lohli" (lax, that is), I had to grab a plate and eat some too. :D

After dinner Elle and I drew pictures on my new notebook, called "Today is Super" which I got from my trip to Kiasma (the Museum of Contemporary Art) the other day. I just love it it, has the fun and practicality combined in one pretty book! 

In case you wondered, there's a pirate boat (drawn by the auntie), colored by Elle; as well as clouds and fishes drawn by the assortment of family.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today I had promised to take Elle to the city centre "for a coffee", something that made my niece very excited.  After getting her acquainted with university life (like returning books late to the library and chatting with friends in front of classrooms) we made our way to the Café Fazer where we got big cups of hot chocolate, doughnuts and a box of juice in case we got thirsty later. I think that generally speaking Elle behaved better at the café than I did. I just love taking pictures of people eating. 
(Yeah, I'm weird like that.)

My father came to pick us up as it was time to return Elle back to her parents, and it was almost a shame that we didn't have more time just the two of us! I would definitely love spending more time with my niece, she's such a sweetheart. 

As we drove to my sister's, I couldn't help but comment that if it was just a little less cloudy, it would be a perfect fall weather, with both a bit of rain and sunshine and a good part of the leaves already turned a lovely shade of yellow. And there it was, the rainbow to celebrate the beautiful day with the family.

Olen viettänyt aikaa perheen, ja ennen kaikkea siskontytön kanssa. Syönyt lohikeittoa ja piirtänyt merirosvolaivoja. Tänään kävin näyttämässä myös "tädin koulua" ja tietenkin käytiin myös kahvilla ihan oikeassa kahvilassa. Elle käyttäytyi niin kuin hienot neidit käyttäytyvät, tädistä en ole ihan niin varma. 
Illalla kotia päin ajellessa keltaisten puiden päälle piirtyi kaunis taivaan halkova sateenkaari.

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