Mar 31, 2012

lemon-cake cheese-cups

(A post started a long, long time ago; here's the finished and updated version! Nice to see you after all this time, btw. ;) )

These are the kind of pastry that really won't ever win the Miss Pretty Cupcake competition, rather they're the cupcake-next-door that you try because you're waiting for the cupcake of your dreams to appear. And then one day you realized you're seriously committed to this one cupcake and can't really see why you ever wanted to try anything else, ever. Yeah, they're sneaky that way.

In fact, when I took my first try-out batch to a meeting we had a fight over who's allowed the last one. If I remember right, the girl with the crappiest day won, since the pick-me-up-properties of this cupcake are pretty marvelous.

Now that I'm over gushing the awesomeness-that-is-this-cupcake-recipe, we can finally move on to the actual recipe part (and possibly pictures too, right?)!

I originally find the recipe from Pinterest, followed to a blog and from there to another and yeah. We all know how these things go. The recipe I ended up using is pretty close to this lemon tassies recipe by the always lovely, always industrious Martha Stewart (well, it's on her website anyway). I like the way it's simple enough even for me to understand. :D

Anyway, here's what I did. (The recipe makes about 20.)

75g butter or margarine
2,5 dl flour
0,5 dl sugar
1 egg
a pinch of vanilla (or vanilla sugar)
a pinch of salt
a bit (about 1/4 of a lemon) grated lemon zest

-> Mix everything into a batter and cover muffin pan hole-thingies with crust (see picture) to make cups. Bake at 175°C for about 10 min.

200g cream cheese (natural/original flavor)
3/4 - 1 dl sugar
1 egg
the rest of the grated lemon zest
1 tbsp lemon juice
a pinch of vanilla

-> Mix all together and fill the cups with the cheese-mix. Bake 15-20 minutes until the color is lovely golden. Let them cool and gobble up!

Btw, I wouldn't recommend putting your stick of butter to wait on top of your gas oven (it really gets hot!). I don't think there's any reason to ask me how I know.

These are lovely for a spring afternoon with a friend and a pot of tea. And Easter is coming too! Maybe I should try these for my Easter treat instead (or rather, in addition to) my never-ending diet of chocolate in all forms...

Löysin Pinterestin kautta ihanan sitruuna-juustokakkusien ohjeen, nämä veivät paitsi minut myös kaikki muut mennessään! Todellakin sopivat oikeastaan jokaiseen makuun (ehkei sitrus-allergisille kuitenkaan...). Joka tapauksessa ohje oli suhteellisen helppo, ja lopputulos vähintäänkin odotusten mukainen. Ulkonäöllisesti ei ehkä kaikkein kaunein ja näyttävin leivos, mutta maku kyllä korvaa senkin edestä. Näitä kannattaa maistella vaikkapa hedelmäisen teen kanssa, tietenkin hyvän ystävän kanssa, ja haaveilla auringosta ja kesästä... Kyllä se sieltä jossain vaiheessa taas ilmestyy! 

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